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The White Horse: False Religion
petuate.... The propaganda
ministry hoped to achieve the
same powers of indoctrination,
and of censorship, which had
enabled the atholic hurch to
exerci e its age-old control over
the European mas es"
azi P er
ecutio 1~
of the
pp. 145-146) .
The church, by the same to–
ken , initially found much to ad–
mire in both Nazi and Fasci
partie . atholi leader appre–
ciated the fact that these total–
itarian regimes were attempting
to mold a unified state - free
from what they con idered to
be the rather di tasteful divi–
sions inherent within a demo–
cratic society. They al o liked
ised the downtrodden Germans
the idea of dealing with a strong
a return to glit tering Teutonic
man , who could act as guardian
ideals .
of church as well as tate. Thi
features from which he claimed
to have learned" (p. 338).
As a result, the azi party
ended up with some of the arne
ba ic features as the church.
One author de cribed the rela–
tion hip a follows: ..The party
organization owed much to Hit-
r' acknowledgement, a lbeit
reluctant , of the Catholic
Church' success in the lead–
er hip of its people. The hier–
ar hical traditions of the
hurch exactly
matched the
which the Nazis hoped to per-
had only been traditional. In
the past , champions like
harlemagne, Otto the Great,
the Hap burgs and the Bour–
bons had readily fulfilled thi
function of protecting the
church. There wa little reason
to doubt that · both Mus olini
and Hitler would not follow
suit if handled with proper care.
Pius XI initially had only nice
thing to ay about Mu olini,
especially during the honey–
moon with the Duce following
t he signing of the Lateran Pa t
in 1929. He called Mu olini '"a
man ... whom Providence has