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lation, John went on to describe
a fallen woman (symbolizing a
church) sitting astride a supra–
national state system (con–
sisting of ten kings, see verses
10-14). Throughout most of this
calamitous period, this revita–
lized church-state system will
be operating in a high-handed
fashion (verse 4). Living under
its jurisdiction may be the clos–
est thing to hell on earth that
will ever occur. Religious decep–
tion during this time will be at
an all-time high. According to
John: .. Men worshiped the
dragon [Satan the Devil], for he
had given his authority to the
beast, and they worshiped the
beast, saying, 'Who is like the
beast, and who can fight
against it?'" (Rev. 13:4.)
Not only will people be taken
in by the beast power's religious
sleight of hand, but they will
idolize its military exploits as
well. In such an atmosphere it's
no surprise that the other three
horsemen of the apocalypse -
war, famine and pestilence -
will be riding at full gallop.
Religious Martyrdom
During this tumultuous
period of time, there will be a
few stubborn souls, known as
the "elect" (Matt. 24:24), who
will not be taken in by this
marvelous church-state me–
gamachine. As we have already
The White Horse: False Religion
seen, this can and will be ex–
tremely dangerous to life and
health. The resurrected church–
state system, like its predeces–
sors, will not tolerate dissension
in the ranks. Under the circum–
stances, its actions will be very
predictable. Religious per–
secution will be at an all-time
high. As John wrote: "I saw the
woman, drunk with the blood of
the saints and the blood of the
martyrs of Jesus" (Rev. 17:6).
Jeremiah describes this fu–
ture dark age as "the time of
Jacob's trouble" (Jer. 30:7,
KJV). Daniel calls it "a time of
trouble, such as never has been
since there was a nation till
that time" (Dan. 12:1). One rea–
son for this unprecedented
world tumult will be the hyper–
active involvement of Satan the
devil. According to John: "Woe
to you,
earth and sea, for the
devil has come down to you in
great wrath, because he knows
that his time is short!" (Rev.
Using the resurrected
church-state system, Satan will
direct much of his vengeful at–
tack against God's people - es–
pecially those doing His Work
(see Rev. 11; 12:13-17; Matt.
24:9). Satan and his military
and ecclesiastical minions will
be so effective that the world
will be brought perilously close
to the brink of global cosmo-