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The Future of False Religion
cide. Christ said that unless He
intervened to cut short the car–
nage, "no human being would
be saved" (Matt. 24:22). But
even when He does, people will
be so religiously mixed up, de–
ceived and bamboozled that
they will actually gather to
fight and resist the "King of
kings" when He returns to the
earth (see Rev.19:19-20; 17:14).
Finding the Cure
As we have seen in the
preceding chapters, the pre–
dominance of false religion has
been an unfortunate fact of life
throughout virtually all of re–
corded history. Today religious
deception in its many and var–
ied forms still holds sway over
the vast majority of the human
race. The Oriental faiths have
left millions of Asians enslaved
and impoverished under the
yoke of centuries-old traditions.
Communism likewise has man–
aged to quash initiatives and
freedoms in both West and
East alike, all because a hand–
ful of men arrogantly have as–
sumed that they have the
prerogative to dictate their
secular religion to the masses.
False religion not only is the
champion of an oppressive
status quo in many parts of the
world, but also the main moti–
vating force behind wars and
destructive revolutions. As
George Washington once said:
"Of all the animosities which
have existed among mankind,
those which are caused by a dif–
ference of sentiments in religion
appear to be the most in–
veterate and distressing, and
ought most to be deprecated"
(American State Papers,
p. 155).
In addition to contributing to
many of the world's problems,
religion has ignored scores of
others. As we saw in the second
chapter, this shortcoming basi–
cally stems from the other–
worldly, ascetic attitudes that
were infused into early Chris–
tianity from Greek Hellenism.
Ever since, most men have used
their religion as a cop-out
rather than a cure. The late
Reinhold Niebuhr expressed
this feeling when he wrote:
we sum up this record of ortho–
dox Christianity, both Catholic
and Protestant, we are forced to
the conclusion that it has con–
sistently failed to maintain the
prophetic criticism against both
the nation and the state ... "
(Faith and Politics,
p. 94).
The Choice Before Us
In view of the impending dis–
asters that are prophesied to
follow hard on the heels of the
white horse of false religion,
drastic changes are needed.
Centuries ago, a group of