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people were faced with the
same basic issue that now con–
fronts the human race (espe–
cially the Western world). In
the 26th chapter of Leviticus,
God gave the nation of ancient
Israel some rather clear-cut
choices. One of the biggest ones
had to do with their religious
In the first verse of this chap–
ter, God warned them not to
adopt any false religious prac–
tices or bow down before any
man-made images. Worship of
God and obedience to His com–
mandments would bring gener–
ous rewards (verses 3-13), but if
they refused to obey these in–
junctions, God warned: "I will
do this to you: I will appoint
over you sudden terror, con–
sumption [disease], and fever
that waste the eyes and cause
life to pine away. And you shall
sow your seed in vain [crop fail–
ures], for your enemies shall eat
it [in our generation the Rus–
sians have already been doing
just that] .... And I will break
the pride of your power [the
United States and Britain have
continually lost face before
former friends and allies. Amer–
ica fumbled away the Korean
and Indo-China Wars, was hu–
miliated at the Bay of Pigs and
over the Pueblo debacle, and by
mid-1970 seemed impotent and
indecisive in the face of strong
The White Horse: False Religion
Communist aggressions in Af–
rica and Southeast Asia], and I
will make your heavens like
iron [drought - like the kind
farmers and ranchers have re–
cently experienced from Kansas
to California] and your earth
like brass [loss of valuable
farmlands, which America is
also experiencing due to a vari–
ety of natural and man-made
causes]; and your strength shall
be spent in vain [Vietnam is a
classic case in point], for your
land shall not yield its increase,
and the trees of the land shall
not yield their fruit [resulting
in famine - the third horse–
man] .... And I will bring a
sword upon you [war - the sec–
ond horseman] ... and if you
gather within your cities I will
send pestilence [the fourth
horseman] among you, and you
shall be delivered into the hand
of the enemy [national captiv–
ity]" (Lev. 26:16-17, 19-20, 25 ).
Modern Form of Idolatry
Ancient Israel failed to meet
this challenge God set before
them. Because of their flagrant
disobedience to His commands
and continued dabbling in vari–
ous idolatrous practices, they
suffered the penalties listed in
Leviticus 26 and ultimately
went into national captivity at
the hands of the Assyrians and