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The Future of False Religion
Today the nations of the
Western world, especially the
United States, Britain, Canada,
Australia and South Africa,
face the same challenge. Unfor–
tunately, they too, like ancient
Israel, have gone after strange
gods. These gods are not the
kind made from sticks, metal,
or stone, but are typified by
ideas, concepts and institutions.
Repeatedly Western democ–
racies have looked to their lead–
ers, native institutions, liberal
democratic ideologies, and more
recently science and tech–
nology, to bail them out in time
of crisis. Most Americans some–
how feel that the latest face in
the election sweepstakes, their
post-Watergate self-righteous–
ness, the free enterprise system,
the workings of the constitu–
tion, greater material growth,
more jobs, or lower taxes will
somehow see them through.
The people of Britain simulta–
neously lie prostrated before
the altars of state socialism,
trade unionism, the "!'m-all–
right-Jack" and "There'll-al–
ways-be-an-England" concepts.
the English-speaking na–
tions of the world think that
they can continue to blindly
follow such shopworn idols into
the promised land, they are
sadly mistaken. All the ideo–
logies, economic theories and
governmental formulas known
to man will never bring salva–
tion either on a national or indi–
vidual basis. The only One that
can do that is the Supreme Ru–
ler and Creator of the universe.
Until humanity undertakes a
fundamental and radical over–
haul of their social faiths and
ideologies, the plagues, calami–
ties and catastrophes recorded
in Leviticus 26, Jesus Christ's
Olivet prophecy and the book of
Revelation will ultimately be
the order of the day. In this
respect, the words of the
apostle Peter have never been
more relevant than to this gen–
eration: "'Repent therefore, and
turn again, that your sins may
be blotted out, that times of re–
freshing may come from the
presence of the Lord, and that
he may send the Christ [the
real Savior] appointed for you,
Jesus" (Acts 3:19).
There is still time for many
to come out of the religious
Babylon that currently de–
ceives this world (Rev. 18:4).
you as an individual are inter–
ested, why not begin to go back
and take inventory of your cur–
rent religious beliefs? Study
them in the light of what God
says in the Bible. And if you
want additional helpful infor–
mation, write for the literature
that is advertised in this book–