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The Worldwide Church of God publishes many informa–
tive booklets on a wide range of biblical topics: Four are
listed below.
Why Were You Born?
Was humanity created and put here on earth by an
intelligent and Almighty Creator for a definite purpose?
And if so, what is that purpose - and why is humanity so
totally unaware of it?
Where Is God's True Church Today?
Does Jesus Christ have many different denominations
doing His Work? Is Christ divided? How, when, and where
did this religious babylon of multiple denominations get
started? And how does one recognize the true Church?
Come Help Humanity
Educators, theologians, politicians, ecologists - all
responsible men and speaking as with one voice - warn us
that humanity desperately needs help! Something must be
done if mankind is to continue to exist on planet earth.
This booklet explains how you can become involved in a
world-saving crusade for sanity!
What Is a Real Christian?
What are the very basic, down-to-earth fundamentals
of Christianity - the very heart, root, and core of the
teachings of Christ? And did Jesus teach that real repen–
tance and water baptism are necessary for salvation?
Write for your free copies of the above booklets.
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