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Abortion, the Restored Truth about it, by Herbert W. Armstrong. Does your group still hold fast to this understanding? Check up on it, beware changes that subtly creep into the Church.

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Never a charge, presented freely without cost.

No Departures from the Doctrine in place at the time of Mr. Armstrong's Death.

Many groups today are committing fornication by engaging with so called main stream Christianity and it's doctrines. They have left their first love and are watering down doctrines set in place by God's End Time Apostle, Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong.

God's Word tells you to FLEE FORNICATION!

You are instructed to return to your FIRST LOVE!

The Church of God Faithful Flock provides a refuge for the truly converted in these perilous times.

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Abortion: It is our belief and conviction that the aborting of an embyro or a fetus in a motherís uterus in a state of gestation, though as yet unborn, at any stage of the pregnancy, is to murder a potential future God Being!

Though we do not stand in judgment of the women who have them, it nevertheless is a sin that will have a need of heartfelt repentance before God.
Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong quote on abortion: CLICK HERE