2013 Church of God Faithful Flock
Divine Healing-"healing direct by a miracle from
ALMIGHTY GOD, as a result of believing PRAYER."
Letters from those in God's Church that have received DIVINE HEALING


I am writing to tell you of the great miracle that God has performed for us. We hope this letter will encourage others with similar problems.

My husband and I have been married for 17 years but could never have children. We went through many tests but in the end were told that we would never be able to have children. It really hit us hard as we had such hope and have always wanted a family.

However, we knew God's promise that He was our healer. I was anointed three or four years ago and a little later my husband was anointed also. We left it in God's hands. We started taking in foster children and have considered just being able to care for them a blessing.

Recently, I went to the doctor for a general check-up as I have been feeling very tired. To our surprise and total shock I am now five months pregnant! I am feeling great, and we are so happy.

Nothing is impossible for God. We are thankful to be a part of this great Work, to know the truth, and with this blessing on top of that, wow!

We are totally behind you and pray for your always.

With much Christian love,