2013 Church of God Faithful Flock
Divine Healing-"healing direct by a miracle from
ALMIGHTY GOD, as a result of believing PRAYER."
Letters from those in God's Church that have received DIVINE HEALING


I wanted to tell you personally of a healing miracle that has occurred in my family. My eldest daughter went into labor to give birth to her first child, my second grandchild. The following morning, I was called to the hospital. The unborn child had expelled its bowels prior to birth, which is a sign of a distressed fetus. The hospital staff placed a monitor on its head to measure the heartbeat. They said there was something wrong with the baby, but they couldn't tell what, till it was born.

The boy was limp at birth. His respiratory system failed, and he was put on machines to keep him alive. His head was grossly malformed-his skull from the front hair line to the back of the head, about ear level, was missing. The skin was there but no bone. The doctor felt that part of his brain was undeveloped and scheduled a brain scan for the next morning. He said, "Even if his brain was intact, it would take years for his head to look like a human skull." His jaw was pushed back and sideways, and his nose was flattened to one side.

Things looked bleak indeed, so I called the minister in my church area and requested prayers for the baby... One hour after the request went out, he was removed from the machines as his respiratory system had stabilized.

I went home that evening to rest and when I returned the next morning, the head R.N. said, "Come and see our miracle baby." The boy's head was perfectly formed, the skull intact, his jaw line normal and his little nose straightened out. He was kicking and yelling, telling us he was fine! I told the nurse of the church's prayers and she said, "It could only be an act of God," and she sure believed it!...

My daughter is not in the Church, but God has used this situation to inspire this whole church area. My dearly beloved brethren's faith has increased as a result of this miracle. Loving people that they are, they even gave the baby a shower as he and his mom had little to go home to.

I thank God many times daily for that beautiful little boy and for His people. This Church is so full of love and compassion.