2013 Church of God Faithful Flock
Divine Healing-"healing direct by a miracle from
ALMIGHTY GOD, as a result of believing PRAYER."
Letters from those in God's Church that have received DIVINE HEALING


As members of God's Church, we received a wonderful blessing recently which we would like to share with others. Our eight-year-old son was miraculously healed.

One evening, he began running a temperature and not feeling well, so in the morning we called the minis¬ter for an anointing. After I left for work, his fever shot up and he went into a convulsion. His body became rigid, his eyes rolled to the back of his head, and he became blue all over from lack of oxygen. Screams of agony convinced us that he was dying. Nothing my wife did seemed to help so she called the fire department.

They were very helpful but, of course, insisted that our son be taken to a hospital. After my wife and I talked on the phone, we decided not to admit him to the hospital but to trust God completely for his healing.

About two hours later, my wife called again, this time saying that our son was dying. He had gone into another convulsion, much worse than the first. Again the fire department came and revived him with oxygen. This time he was rushed to the hospital. I immediately left work to meet them there.

When I arrived, the boy was still unconscious and muttering incoherently because of the high fever. After telling the doctor we would rather no drugs be given, he wondered why we had brought him. We allowed the hospital staff to make blood and urine tests. The tests showed his white blood cell count to be so high, the doctors were convinced he had meningitis and wanted to do a spinal tap. After discussing the procedure, we decided not to submit our son to a spinal tap. With that decision, the doctor left the case and the hospital would no longer assume liability.

After this decision was made, the boy revived, became coherent and seemed almost completely normal, as we left the hospital with him. However, that evening his temperature once again rose to 107 degrees. We set him in a tub of cool water to bring it down and prayed for God to stop any more convulsions. He lay like this five days and six nights losing ten pounds.

The following Sabbath he attended Sabbath services with us thanks to God and the many friends who prayed for his recovery.

We are thankful we know the great living God, who does care. God is our Healer and daily Sustainer.