2013 Church of God Faithful Flock
Divine Healing-"healing direct by a miracle from
ALMIGHTY GOD, as a result of believing PRAYER."
Letters from those in God's Church that have received DIVINE HEALING


God has just worked a most wonderful miracle in my life! About a month ago, I was suddenly beset with intense stomach pains followed by vomiting and more pain. I could not even stand up. We immediately called for an anointed cloth to be sent. The pains increased, and I was only able to drink ice water. The signs read appendicitis.

I decided to put myself in God's hands and not go to the hospital. It is easy to say that now, but at the time I was often weak and had doubts, especially when my appendix burst and the pain was so great that I was delirious. But our merciful Father strengthened me and gave me faith.

It was two weeks before the pain quit and I was able to sleep at night. A week later I was out of bed. God healed me of a most serious illness that generally causes death when left untreated! This truly is a miracle, but there is much more.

This has been both my most difficult trial and my greatest blessing. God has opened my eyes to so many things! I can never again doubt His mercy and love or question His will. Sure, I knew before that God would take care of our needs, but now I really know. There is so much difference between book knowledge and knowledge pounded home by the experience of trials.

I have always led a very hectic, busy life and was constantly pessimistically worrying. The worry is all but completely gone. The Almighty has increased my faith several fold and helped me to take a look at my life. What a difference there is between putting in an appropriate amount of prayer and Bible study and really being wholeheartedly behind the Work! Working almost full-time and going to college full-time makes it too easy to put many false gods before the true one. I am quitting the worldly college I was attending and will try to really follow Christ's example and draw close to God. It will be a long hard battle, but the rewards are eternal.

During my illness, it was proven to me beyond a doubt that the love of Christ is in the Church. I received several dozen cards and twice as many calls. I deserved nothing, but hundreds of people, whether they knew me or not, knelt down and lifted up their voices to God because I was a sister. These were the prayers that God answered.