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Directory of Mr. Armstrong’s Teachings

We will try to make links here to those teachings that we have highlighted in this section so that those you may have missed can be reviewed later.

We will add to these others as we find them on site.

  1. Adam - Man or Myth?
  2. Message to the Newly Baptized
  3. The Key to Radiant Health
  4. World Peace! How will it Come?
  5. How Far may I safely go.....?
  6. Is God a Trinity?
  7. Life After Death?
  8. Christians have Lost their Power
  9. 19 Year Time Cycles
  10. A Frank Answer - What is the Basis of my Calling
  11. How to Understand the Bible
  12. How You can be Imbued with the Power of God
  13. Christianity is a Growth Process
  14. Spiritual Growth
  15. What is Real Conversion? (Booklet)
  16. Herbert Armstrong’s 1974 Letter to the Membership
  17. What does Pentecost mean to you?
  18. Watering Down or Building Solidly Up?
  19. Can You Believe the Bible and Evolution?
  20. Why God is not Real to Most People
  21. The Plain Truth about Healing
  22. Why Some Ministers Have Failed?
  24. Would You Accuse Jesus Christ?
  25. What is the Greatest Sin?
  26. When one is Dis-Fellowshipped which Family comes First?
  27. Principles and Policies of Tithing - 1973 Minesterial Conference
  28. What is the Purpose of the Resurrection?
  29. At-One-Ment with God
  30. Peace Is on the Way!
  31. How Would Jesus Vote for President
  32. Blood Sweat and Tears
  33. A Correction
  34. Who or What is the Prophetic Beast
  35. The Way of Life That CAUSES Success
  36. The Great Majestic God
  37. Personal: How to Live by Faith
  38. Personal: Some of You may not make it into God’s Kingdom
  39. Are we Back on Track? - When We Lack Faith?
  40. Our Impact on God’s Work
  41. Peronal: Emotional Maturity
  42. Now Christ Moves Swiftly to Make Church Ready!
  43. The Hidden Knowledge
  44. Prepare to Greatly Reduce your Standard of Living
  45. We are in a Spiritual War - 10/25/85 Co-Worker Letter
  46. Christ puts Church on Bible Form of Organization
  47. How and Why We Know we have the TRUTH
  48. Can You Trust God?
  49. What is Your Idol?
  50. What's Wrong With Government?
  52. The Conspiracy Against the Family
  53. Should We Pray to God or Only to Christ?
  54. THOU SHALT.....NOT
  55. What Do You Mean...Rewarded According to Works?
  56. Spiritual Growth is a process of Repentance and Trials to
    prove that repentance
  57. How You are being Tested
  58. A Voice Cries Out: What's Wrong with Business and
  59. Why Many Don't Understand Pentecost
  60. Who or What is the Prophetic Beast? Part One
  61. Who or What is the Prophetic Beast? Part Two
  62. Who or What is the Prophetic Beast? Part Three
  63. Who or What is the Prophetic Beast? Part Four
  64. An Outline of Prophecy Part Four
  65. An Outline of Prophecy Part Five
  66. An Outline of Prophecy Part Six
  67. An Outline of Prophecy Part Seven
  68. An Outline of Prophecy Part Eight
  69. An Outline of Prophecy Part Nine
  70. An Outline of Prophecy Part Ten
  71. An Outline of Prophecy Part Eleven
  72. An Outline of Prophecy Part Twelve
  73. An Outline of Prophecy Part Thirteen
  74. An Outline of Prophecy Part Fourteen
  75. An Outline of Prophecy Part Fifteen
  76. An Outline of Prophecy Part Sixteen
  77. How to Prevent Sin
  79. On Becoming a Christian
  80. He Can Who Thinks He Can
  81. What is a Liberal?
  82. Christians have Lost thier Power
  83. Are You Just Waiting It Out?
  84. Neglecting God's Sabbath
  85. How Christ gives the Church its Beliefs
  86. The Time has come for Fasting and Prayer
  87. Conversion is a Process
  88. What Kind of Faith is Required for Salvation?
  89. Was Roger Babson Right?
  90. Let God Fight your Battles
  91. They Didn't Believe What He Said
  92. Eternal Judgment
  93. The Fruits of Conversion
  94. God commands that we in His Church "all speak the same
    thing."But WHY? HOW?
  95. Hungering for God’s Righteousness
  96. Member Letter May 2, 1974 What is the Church of God
  97. We are the Temple
  98. Are You Ready?
  99. Why Did God Raise Up the Nation Israel - and Deny Them
    Spiritual Salvation?
  100. Supernatural Forces on a Collision Course!
  101. Hebrew Series Part 1 Answered Prayer
  102. Hebrew Series Part 2 Man’s Destiny
  103. Hebrew Series Part 3 Salvation
  104. Hebrew Series Part 4 Real Christianity
  105. Hebrew Series Part 5 The Sabbath
  106. Hebrew Series Part 6 The Mystery of Melchizedek Part 1
  107. Hebrew Series Part 7 The Mystery of Melchizedek Part 2
  108. Hebrew Series Part 8 Jesus Christ is our High Priest
  109. Hebrew Series Part 9 Salvation - We are Heirs of the Promise
  110. Hebrew Series Part 10 -A NEW COVENANT
  111. Hebrew Series Part 11 - Enoch and Elijah
  112. Hebrew Series Part 12 - The Faith Chapter
  113. Hebrew Series Part 13 - JUVENILE DELINQUENCY
  114. Hebrew Series Part 14- Two Commissions
  115. Hebrew Series Part 15- What Are Angels
  116. Hebrew Series Part 16- EASTER
  117. Why God is not Real to Most People
  118. Bitterness - A Spiritual Addiction
  119. Should Christianity be Endured or Enjoyed?
  120. There is a Way of Escape
  121. Gossip and Accusation Must Stop
  122. Why Does God Allow Wars?
  123. True Spirituality - What is it - Do You Know?
  124. In Which World are You?
  125. Why Christ Died - and Rose Again



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