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What is Sin?
By Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong

A Radio Broadcast
By Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong

Personal From the Editor
"The Falling Away"
By Alton B. (Don) Billingsley

The World Crying Out For Freedom
By Alton B. (Don) Billingsley
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The Three Elijahs

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Read an "Open Letter" to all God's People Scattered World Wide
The Church of God Faithful Flock, with headquarters in Valley Springs, California, humbly presents this magazine The Philadelphia Remnant, which continues to provide a conduit for the work Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong spearheaded, the work of reaching out to people worldwide with the message of the soon-coming Kingdom of God through the preserved writings, recorded telecasts, sermons and Bible study messages that Jesus Christ used him to do in his human ministry!
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