2013 Church of God Faithful Flock
Divine Healing-"healing direct by a miracle from
ALMIGHTY GOD, as a result of believing PRAYER."
Letters from those in God's Church that have received DIVINE HEALING


I would like to relate what happened to me and tell you how God healed me.

I was repairing my oldest daughter's car. I had some screws and bolts in a glass jar by me and accidentally broke the jar. I asked my daughter to clean up the mess, which she did, but left the base of the jar there, thinking I might need the screws in it.

While putting on the brake shoe return spring, I slipped and lost my balance. In falling, I put my hand down to stop the fall and cut my right index finger from the middle joint to the bone and on up to the top of the knuckle. The cut severed one of the tendons. It required plastic surgery on the inside and fourteen stitches on the outside.

You know how dirty and greasy one gets while working on a car. I was quite dirty, and the doctors didn't even clean my hand before or after sewing it! I asked one of God's elders to anoint me for three things: complete healing, no infection and that there would be very little pain.

I didn't have much pain. In fact, there was very little at all. When the doctors removed the bandage ten days later, there had been no infection whatsoever. My writing to you is testimony of the healing and complete mending of a tendon.