2013 Church of God Faithful Flock
The Truth About Makeup, the Restored Truth about it, by Herbert W. Armstrong. Does your group still hold fast to this understanding? Check up on it, beware changes that subtly creep into the Church.

Presented by the Church of God Faithful Flock.

Never a charge, presented freely without cost.

No Departures from the Doctrine in place at the time of Mr. Armstrong's Death.

Many groups today are committing fornication by engaging with so called main stream Christianity and it's doctrines. They have left their first love and are watering down doctrines set in place by God's End Time Apostle, Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong.

God's Word tells you to FLEE FORNICATION!

You are instructed to return to your FIRST LOVE!

The Church of God Faithful Flock provides a refuge for the truly converted in these perilous times.

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Makeup Ruling: It is also the belief and teaching that God led Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong to rule against the use of cosmetics within the Church of God. The Church supports that ruling.

It may be difficult, at first, for many women to realize that makeup on the face is actually one of those things that is AN ABOMINATION in the sight of God -- that its use is a SIN -- a violation of GOD'S LAW, as I shall presently show! It may be difficult for one who has always taken these worldly customs for granted to realize that a woman who "looks NICE" to the world actually looks like a painted prostitute in the sight of GOD!

It is put on the face for one or both of two general reasons:

1) to be like the world around you -- to be CONFORMED TO THIS WORLD, in direct DISOBEDIENCE to God's command; or else,

2) "to look nice," as women express it, which means simply, to CHANGE the appearance so as to make the face prettier than it naturally is -- WHICH IS VANITY! Either is a violation of God's Law, and A SIN! Actually, the only reason a woman wishes to conform to the world is VANITY -- fearing what the world will think, more than fearing GOD -- CARING more for the world and what it thinks than for GOD and what looks right IN HIS SIGHT!

A woman may try to REASON and ARGUE around it, but every woman knows in her heart this is THE TRUTH. Every woman who has been CONQUERED by the Eternal God -- who is yielded to HIM -- who has repented and is converted who HAS AND IS LED BY GOD'S HOLY SPIRIT -- will admit this, and TURN FROM THIS SIN!

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